Best Affordable Residential 300 Hour Teacher Training In Rishikesh


A step further into your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training practice, Residential 300 Hour yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh at Natraj yoga ashram allows the students to take a dip deeper into the yoga world. Give a professional edge to your qualification of two hundred-hour Yoga Teacher Training with this advanced Yoga Alliance certified Yoga course. The way to tranquility & complete freedom was never paved so clearly before.

Get an intermediate level of training in this field and while you recollect your yoga learning’s from the previous cycle, inhale the new information smoothly. Offering Best Affordable Residential 300 Hour Teacher Training In Rishikesh, Natraj Yoga Ashram commits to deliver heightened results. In 6 weeks, our traditional yoga gurus will improve your skills and transform your whole being.

The Best Affordable Residential 300 Hour Teacher Training In Rishikesh is basically done by the graduates of the two hundred-hour teacher training program to become a master in yoga. This course helps the students to get expertise in their core areas. Here students get to learn the advanced level of especially two styles of Hatha yoga & Ashtanga yoga.

After completing this training program, one gets completely ready to become a yoga teacher & is able to run his/her own yoga classes legally. This course contains many different teachings that are taught to the students which make them professional in the field of yoga to keep the body, mind & soul of the individual in peace, we make them practice deeper pranayama techniques daily. Self-healing exercises are done regularly Everything gets advanced in Affordable Residential 300 Hour Teacher Training In Rishikesh so, meditation is also being taught at the advanced level.

We provide each & every facility to our students while they complete their training program. There is the service of accommodation at our ashram which has neat & clean rooms & also has attached restrooms in proper hygienic conditions. We offer yogic food to our students so that they get deep knowledge & experience of yoga. As we are the registered organization from the yoga alliance, therefore we provide certificates to our all students which helps them in continuing their yogic journey.

Therefore to get yourself mastered in the yoga & meditation program, do join us for the best guidance from the best gurus. All the details regarding fees & contact have been shared here.

♦ 300 Hour Teacher Training In Rishikesh 2200 USD With food and accommodation
♦ Enroll your seat now and get early bird discount 100 USD
♦ Advance-deposit 300hrs 500 USD